The best time to affect an adult’s life is in their childhood


Pam Tudin obtained her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Wits University (cum laude) in 1994 and has practiced in the area of child and adolescent psychology for the last 22 years.  

Her areas of interest lie mainly in assisting children to overcome the challenges that occur through divorce, trauma and loss.

Ultimately Pam is motivated by the fact that the best time to affect an adult’s life is in their childhood, and as such her chief area of interest lies in the development and enhancement of children’s lives. Towards this end, her work with children remains her area of passion.


B.A Honours Social Work (cum laude)  1990, University of Witwatersrand

B.A Honours Psych (cum laude)  1991, University of Witwatersrand

M.A CLIN Psych (cum laude)   1994, University of Witwatersrand

PhD Consulting Psychology   2007-current, University of South Africa


Representing the best interests of the child
Pam Tudin gives voice to the impact of divorce and loss through her forensic consulting. Here she seeks to represent the “best interests of the child” by lending insight to the court with regard to some of the emotional and developmental challenges associated with parental conflicts. 

Pam has a long history in the field of child assessment. As such, she provides testimony, analysis and recommendations to the court in matters pertaining to child and adolescent wellbeing.

Illustration by: Ivor Morski



"Pam did what was right for my children, not just what society expected.  As a father who thought he had no rights, that meant the world to me.  Her integrity during the assessment months spoke volumes." 

Father of three, 2016

"I have entrusted Pam with the most complex and most delicate of matters. She is never swayed by one over another, rather she seeks to find the best route to a positive outcome for the children. "

Attorney, 2016


"Pam holds firmly to the truth and uses it as a mast to find a way forward. "

Advocate, 2013



Assisting families, couples, children and adolescents
In her private practice Pam Tudin focuses on assisting families with children who have social adjustment disorders, eating disorders, depression, Aspergers/autism and anxiety related disorders. 

She also works extensively in couple’s counselling, marital counselling and family therapy.


All children can go from good to great

Pam Tudin consults widely to schools and has run child and adolescent programmes that aim to enhance the social skills, assertiveness and conflict management in children. 

Her basic premise that all children can go from good to great, has resulted in her running numerous workshops, both locally and abroad to assist parents and teachers to gain the life skills we need to manage the challenges associated with ‘childhood and adolescence’.

Pam Tudin is also currently writing a book for parents on the Facebook Frenzy. Here she is exploring the impact of social media on children’s emotional and psychological wellbeing. 



"Pam holds a fine balance between all parties. I trusted her integrity throughout the arduous process. At the end of the day, I know she truly held my children’s interests at heart"

Single Mom, 2014

" Pam was a blessing to our family. She brought calmness to very stormy and very muddy waters. My family would have drowned without her."

Adolescent, 2013



"My take out from Pam is always practical. She gives great theory but her ideas on how to improve always inspire me to take action at home."

Lana, 2016


"Pam’s talk was current, edgy and full of fun examples. Always a wow! "

Debra, parent of four, 2015


"Pam held my attention with laughter, interest and GREAT input throughout her talk. I have been to a few of her presentations and she is always real. She is not the superior speaker, she is a mom just like us."

Karen, 2017 


"Pam leaves me inspired to be a better dad and yet not guilty for being less than optimum most of the time."

 Gavin, 2015



Enhancing emotional intelligence

Pam Tudin has developed a tool called EQ IN A BOX ©, an interactive story board game, aimed at enhancing the emotional intelligence of children and adolescents affected by change. 
The tool has been met with wide acclaim both locally and abroad.



" Who knew getting my child to share her feelings would be so simple, she has been such a difficult adolescent and at last we are communicating. I am no therapist, just a simple parent struggling like the rest of us. This tool is groundbreaking! "

Parent, Denmark

 "A big thank you for "EQ in a Box"© - I have only had it one month so far and I have used it almost every day in my practice - what a wonderful tool."

Counseling Psychologist South Africa



Enhancing sustainable transformation
Pam Tudin also has an additional specialisation in the area of Executive leadership development. 

She coaches executive leaders with a view to enhancing the sustainable transformation of South African organisations. To this end she is currently completing her doctoral studies at the University of South Africa. The focus of her PHD lies in the creation of a Coaching Model for Diversity Management in South African organisations. 

Pam has successfully facilitated the management of organisational and cultural change in various sectors including banking, mining, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, legal and auditing.


Conversations Happening All The Time
Pam Tudin is a co-founder and creator of Chatt© Programme for pre-teens, teenagers and their parents, and co-author of Fortnite and Other F-Words, the practical hand-on guide to managing the world of sexting, snitches and teen witches.

Knysna, South Africa

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